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Compassionate and professional teams of mobile and house call veterinarians dedicated to caring for you and your pet, at your doorstep!

Full -ServiceHome Veterinary CareThat Exceeds Expectations

Here at Valet Vet, we are striving to completely change the veterinary visit experience, one pet family at a time. When you call on one of our highly skilled and compassionate veterinarian teams to come to you, you can rest assured that your pet will be receiving the highest level of veterinary care in the comfort and safety of your home. Here at Valet Vet, we make every effort to exceed the level of care and professionalism you as a pet parent have always wanted, but without the frustrations that can often come from visiting the vet’s office.


Low Stress & Fear-Free Commitment

Our veterinarians and staff are committed to ensuring your pet has a low-stress veterinary visit. Our staff members are trained in specific techniques that help our fur patients feel safe. Our teams will go the extra mile to ensure all the patients in our care that struggle with anxiety and fear are given the veterinary care they need in a way that is safe and promotes a fear-free experience.

Meet Our Valet Vet Mobile Veterinary Team

Every step of the journey, you and your pet will have the support of our veterinary team. Visit Valet Vet to observe how we treat your pets, like the important parts of your family that they are!

Valet Vet'sFrequently Asked Questions

Valet Vet is here to make your life a lot more simple.

Why pick Valet Vet?

We know you have many choices today when choosing a mobile or house-call veterinarian. With almost a decade of service and 5-star reviews, what sets Valet Vet apart from the rest of the pack is our focus on personalized and compassionate care. We truly value the relationships we develop with our clients and patients and believe this family relationship is the hallmark of our practice. When you call, email, or message us, you can trust that you’re chatting with a live team member right here in Phoenix. While we make every effort to streamline communications by offering many ways to connect with us, you will always find a friendly team member dedicated to helping you and your pet when you call. And it doesn’t stop there. During every appointment, you can trust that our doctors and professional veterinary team members will be providing the highest quality of veterinary care, catered to your pet’s needs, at your doorstep! We take great pride in delivering exceptional medicine, surgery, diagnostics, and attentive, compassionate care with every experience, every time. After all, you and your pet are a part of our Valet Vet family.

Why pick a mobile veterinarian?

There are many reasons why people choose to have a mobile vet come to their house. Here are just a few examples:

  • Individualized and focused care
  • Pets, as well as their pet parents, experience less stress when they have the vet come to them
  • Less waiting time
  • Less exposure to contagious disease especially for pediatric patients
  • Less risk of your pet being exposed to potentially aggressive pets
  • Multi-pet families do not have to make multiple trips to the vet

How much will it cost me to have Valet Vet come to my home?

Valet Vet offers competitive fees with other neighborhood veterinarians in our area. Our travel/service fees are based on your location and are the only fee difference you will encounter when comparing pricing with your neighborhood vet.

Is Valet Vet limited in the veterinary services they provide?

Valet vet has very few limitations. However, because we are not a hospital, there are a few. In these instances, we have developed relationships with other hospitals and clinics that provide these services with quality, compassion, and attention to detail that we would provide ourselves. Some of these services are:

  • Emergencies
  • Hospitalization
  • Advanced Surgery
  • Specialty Services

What is the exam fee?

Our combined Exam and Service fee is $179. For greater distances, an additional mileage fee may be applied; please call for pricing

We also offer multiple pet discounts on exams for multiple pets seen at the same visit.

Valet Vet Reviews

Thank you for making Valet Vet one of the highest-rated veterinary hospitals! Your kind words mean the world to us, and we’re so thankful that you’ve taken the time to provide us with feedback.

Christine F.

Vet Valet was wonderful with our 17 yr old cat.. they were professional, friendly, compassionate and caring. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the convenience of an in home, knowledgeable Vet/staff that shows genuine care and concern for their furry patients.

Darlys Z.

I called this morning about 10:30, and they were prepared to send someone between 11-12N..they ran a little late, but I was advised. They were wonderful…found my hiding cat, and gave her a good examination! I couldn’t ask for better service. I will tell all my animal friends about them!

Patricia P.

I had my very first visit for my two puppies with Dr. Jordan and Tech Leigh. They were absolutely outstanding and I could not have been more pleased with the visit. They were very gentle and caring, and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend that you try them out!