4 Essential Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Trip to the Dog Park

Heading to the dog park? Follow these expert tips to keep your furry friend safe and sound during their off-leash playtime.

Tip #1: Protect against diseases

Ensure your dog has all the necessary vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and Bordetella. Additional vaccines like canine influenza, parainfluenza, and leptospirosis may be recommended. Prioritize your dog’s health before heading to the park.

Tip #2: Choose quieter times

Avoid crowded parks during peak hours when dogs can become overly excited and unpredictable. Opt for less busy periods to give your dog a stress-free and enjoyable playtime experience.

Tip #3: Double up on identification

Increase the chances of a happy reunion by providing multiple forms of identification for your dog. Use collar ID tags and an embroidered collar with your phone number, and consider microchipping for added security.

Tip #4: Watch for warning signs

Stay vigilant and watch your dog’s behavior closely while at the park. Look out for signs of stress, anxiety, or discomfort, such as running away, excessive drooling, or raised hair. If you notice any unease, leave the park immediately to prevent potential incidents.

Remember, not all dogs are suited for off-leash parks. Some may prefer one-on-one socialization or independent exploration. Prioritize your dog’s preferences and ensure they receive regular preventive care for protection against diseases and parasites. Contact our team to schedule your dog’s wellness visit and stay informed.

Stay Safe and Have Fun at the Park with Your Pup!