Pet Pre-Surgical Preparation and Testing

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Pet Pre-Surgical Preparation and Testing

Valet Vet and our doctors believe the best way to minimize the risk associated with general anesthesia is to complete a full pre-surgical evaluation for all our patients prior to any surgical procedure. Your pet’s pre-surgical exam will include a head-to-toe examination to carefully identify any problems that may need to be addressed prior to surgery. Your veterinarian will also collect blood, and if possible, urine to evaluate each patient’s organ function prior anesthesia. For some patients, your veterinarian may also require additional testing including additional blood work, EKG, ultrasound or X-rays. While we can’t eliminate all the risk associated with general anesthesia with pre-surgical testing, it does help to greatly reduce the potential for unforeseen complications.

Organ Function Screening Recommendations

Annual organ function screening (bloodwork) is recommended for the following patients:

• Patients over the age of 7.
• Patients who will be undergoing a general anesthesia procedure for surgery or teeth cleaning.
• Patients who are often sedated for procedures.
• Patients who are on chronic medications.