EnteDerm Ointment 15 mls

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EnteDerm ointment is particularly useful in the treatment of acute and chronic otitis of varied etiologies, in interdigital cysts in cats and dogs, and in anal gland infections in dogs. It is also indicated in the management of dermatologic disorders characterized by inflammation and dry or exudative dermatitis, particularly those caused, complicated, or threatened by bacterial or candidal (Candida albicans) infections. It is also of value in treating eczematous dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis; and as an adjunct in treating dermatitis caused by parasitic infestation. Each milliliter contains the following active ingredients in a polyethylene and mineral oil gel base: Nystatin, 100,000 Units Neomycin sulfate (equivalent to neomycin base), 2.5 mg Thiostrepton, 2,500 units Triamcinolone acetonide, 1.0 mg

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