Enzadent Toothbrush Kit

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The Enzadent Toothbrush Kit contains a traditional-style, dual-ended toothbrush, a handy fingerbrush, and a 90 g tube of poultry-flavored Enzadent Enzymatic toothpaste.

Enzadent® dental care products contain naturally-occurring enzymes that help safely regulate the microbiological balance of the teeth and gums in dogs and cats. The range includes chews for dogs and tasty toothpaste for dogs and cats with a choice of toothbrush styles for easy cleaning.

Enzadent® Enzymatic toothpaste is a pet-favorite poultry flavor. It does not foam or need to be rinsed, it can be swallowed safely. With a fingerbrush or dual-ended traditional-style toothbrush, we have options to increase pet owner compliance.

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